Could you please try the following steps: 1- Close Reader. 2- Hold down Windows key and press R on your keyboard, this will bring up Run dialogue box. 3- Type regedit in the run dialogue box and hit Enter, click Yes when User Account Control pop-up appears. 4- Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image.

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OpenDocument Reader. If you just need the option to quickly view an ODT file within your browser, the OpenDocument Reader extension for Google Chrome is here to help. After you've granted the extension access to your account, you can view ODT files using the extension directly from your Google Drive. The file will open as a preview inside.

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. MS Office 2021 will be compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10 machines as well as the latest versions of macOS. The software will release on Octiber 5, the same day as Windows 11 launches. Here are some of the detailed features in individual apps. MS Word: - OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3 support - Updated Draw tab - Performance improvements. GroupDocs.Viewer for Java supports over 170 file formats including DOCX, PPTX, XLSX and PDF. The file type is automatically detected by extension or by the data in a file header. To retrieve a list of all supported file formats in your app use FileType.getSupportedFileTypes () method. All the supported file formats are listed in the following. Microsoft Says ‘Maybe’ to OpenDocument. Submitted by dylansmrjones 2005-10-16 Office 77 Comments. According to Andy Updegrove, Microsoft seems to be reconsidering support for OpenDocument. A quote from the blog: “So there is no line drawn in the sand, nor (to put it another way) has Microsoft painted itself into a corner.

Displaying WebI report parts via openDocument in BI 4.x. This first blog post of mine will briefly describe how one can view just one report part (chart, table, free-cell, etc.) of a WebI document in a custom web app via the openDocument interface of a SBOP BI 4.0 platform. This functionality is quite similar to the possibility to view those.

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Quickly integrate our PDF library for Windows to view, edit, annotate & create PDF, MS Office & 30+ formats. Supports Xamarin, UWP, C#/.NET, Java, Python & more.

Downloads: Last Update: 2014-03-23. Summary. Files. Reviews. Support. Wiki. News. Woodrat Reader is a fast and lightweight viewer for reading OpenDocument text files on Windows.

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